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My latest original songs can all be downloaded from the sites below.




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Recent collabortions I have worked on.

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Sample Gig Set
Having such a diverse gig set I always get asked how to describe it.  The easy way is to say Oldies and Irish but then that still leaves a lot of questions.  I have listed below some of the songs I would cover at a gig.  This is not the final list, that would be boring to read but if you have any questions do contact me.
Sunny Afternoon, Waterloo Sunset, Run Away, Wild Colonial Boy, Galway Girl, Tell me Ma, Air That I Breathe, Make Me An Island, Maggie, She Wears My Ring, Green Fields of France, Hotel Califormia, Ichekoo Park, House of the Rising Sun, Knights in White Satin, The Rare Ole Times.
If I do not know a particular song I am happy to learn it for those special occasions.
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